The JABSOM Tropical Medicine Clinical Laboratory (TMCL) was established in April 2020 to support Hawaiʻi COVID-19 pandemic response efforts. As part of a public university, the laboratory aims to:

  • Focus in particular on performing COVID-19 diagnostic testing for homeless and uninsured individuals that face unique barriers to accessing COVID-19 testing.  The lab partners with clinics across O‘ahu that provide sample collection services.
  • Augment existing in-state testing capacity to respond to COVID-19 and support rapid contact tracing and isolation of infected individuals.
  • Integrate diagnostic testing and research to develop less invasive and more cost effective approaches to COVID-19 testing.
  • Identify patterns and levels of COVID-19 exposure through broad population antibody testing and other methods to inform efficient and specific policy responses.

A robust testing program will serve as the backbone of an effective coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic response strategy for many months to come. Establishing widespread testing, tracking, and isolating of COVID-19 cases is a critical next step in any plans to gradually loosen social isolation policies while also safeguarding public health.  

News and Updates

UH Better Tomorrow Speaker Series: Vax Science

JABSOM professor Sandra Chang is a specialist in immunology, microbiology, and vaccine development, who serves as co-chair of the Hawaii Department of Health Vaccine Medical Advisory Working Group. In this interview, she covers the history ...
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JABSOM COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar – Dec. 21, 2020

Learn how Operation Warp Speed hastened COVID-19 vaccine development as explained by JABSOM's Dr. Sandra Chang and Dr. Lee Buenconsejo-Lum. From UH Med Weekly, December 24, 2020 ...
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Free COVID-19 Antibody Blood Testing Now Available

The Tropical Medicine Clinical Laboratory is offering COVID-19 antibody testing to all JABSOM/UHCC/UH Manoa students, faculty, staff, and employees at the John A Burns School of Medicine in Kakaako during the month of December. The ...
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New UH lab provides free, rapid result COVID-19 testing to underserved

December 4, 2020. UH News The University of Hawaiʻi Tropical Medicine Clinical Laboratory (TMCL) is ramping up operations to meet its mission of providing free, rapid result (24–48 hours) COVID-19 testing to those with limited ...
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